Vital Considerations When Constructing a Tennis Court

If you are a tennis aficionado and love playing, you should construct a private court at home. The health benefits are apparent, and the fun is guaranteed. You can either play with family members or invite friends for a game of tennis. Many tennis lovers desire to own a private court but are not aware of how to go about the construction process. Here are a few considerations in this regard.

Zoning -- Not only does zoning determine whether you can build a tennis court or not, but it also influences the type of facility you can establish. If the development of a tennis court is not outrightly banned, zoning regulations stipulate the kind of surface that can be installed. Notably, zoning laws seek to prevent soil erosion due to runoff water since the construction of a tennis court involves a large surface area. Additionally, some municipal authorities require permits to be obtained since the construction of a tennis court is regulated through the building code. Before you commence any development, familiarise yourself with local laws to avoid breaching the statutes and suffering penalties. Fortunately, most contractors offer advice on what is allowed by the law.

Tennis Court Type -- Your choice of a tennis court type is another significant consideration when constructing one. Primarily, two types of courts exist -- hard and soft surfaces. Your choice has a significant impact on playing and maintenance. Soft playing grounds are easy to play on; however, such fields reduce the speed of tennis balls, which might undermine the recreational aspect of the sport. In contrast, hard tennis courts achieve a high standard of play, but the surfaces are expensive to construct. However, hard surfaces are easy to maintain and last longer compared to soft tennis courts.

Court Orientation -- Winds have a fundamental impact on the ability of a tennis player to deliver balls to desired points. Therefore, the placement or orientation of a tennis court is an essential consideration since winds might interfere with the speed of a ball. If the weather is windy, a shot might be pushed towards the boundaries of a tennis court, thereby interfering with the overall play. Seek expert opinion regarding the best location to construct a tennis court. In Australia, builders are advised to adopt the north-south orientation since it minimizes the impact of the sun during a game of tennis, especially in the mornings and evenings. 

To learn more, contact a tennis court construction company.

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