Why Should You Install a Synthetic Grass Tennis Court?

If you enjoy playing tennis, then having your own court at home will be incredibly beneficial for your game. Instant access to a proper tennis court without having to go to your local club every time you want to play means you will be able to train at any time of the day that happens to suit you. If your home is large enough to accommodate a tennis court in the garden, then there are plenty of different options.

Some people, understandably, go for a natural lawn court, which means that the playing area can be converted to other uses in the off season. Equally, you might want to go for hard tennis court surfacing, which means little maintenance is required. However, a synthetic grass tennis court offers the best compromise between a hard tennis court surface and a natural appearance. Why would you go for this sort of surface? 

A Natural Look

One of the major advantages of synthetic grass tennis court surfacing is that it looks very natural. Concrete courts or those that are made from clay stand out—which is fine, unless you want a more subtle appearance. After all you can use a synthetic grass court for purposes other than simply playing tennis. For instance, synthetic grass can cope with being walked over by guests at a barbecue or having outdoor furniture set out on it. As such, it is the multi-purpose solution for tennis lovers. 

A Cushioning Surface

Compared with most hard courts, synthetic grass ones are good to play on if you have weak joints. Because the synthetic grass in such courts cushions the impact of your ankle and knee joints more than a hard surface, it is particularly useful when recovering from injury or if you are a senior player. By installing a surface that is made from this material, you are more likely to play a more mobile game and, therefore, improve the length and quality of your rallies

Superior Drainage

Drainage is an important issue with all tennis courts. After a downpour, a synthetic grass court is ready to play on within a short time period compared with other surfaces. Most will be fitted with a substrate membrane which allows water to flow away rapidly. They are even quicker to dry out than natural grass courts. Of course, they don't need to be sprinkled with water regularly to keep them in a playable state, either.

Contact a company that provides tennis court surfacing services to learn more about your options.

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